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Badass Recordings

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Rent a studio, hire a band, hire an engineer, hire a producer, pay a mixing engineer, and finally pay a mastering engineer. Getting professional recordings doesn't have to drain your wallet. At 11 Productions Nashville, we give you everything listed above, all within your budget. With ties to platinum and Grammy nominated studio and touring musicians, mix engineers, and mastering engineers we are able to give you competitive, album and radio ready recordings. Whether you're looking for demos or a full length album, we have you covered. 

How do we do it? With low overhead, a love for the art, and strong industry connections, we're able to work within any budget you bring us. Seriously. Recordings, that you would be proud to show your friends, can be as low as $200. Shoot us an email and let's turn it up to 11.

Owner/Producer/Enginner: Tim Creedon




To name a few of many...

Tim Creedon                                 

  • Owner                                     
  • Producer
  • House Engineer
  • House Mixing Engineer
  • Drummer

Jasper LeMaster                               

  • Oceanway Studios Staff Engineer
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Owner of The Bakery Studio
  • Drummer

Kenny Fuller

  • Lead Guitarist for Platinum Recording Artist Canaan Smith
  • Producer
  • Engineer

David Myhre

  • Guitarist for Tanya Tucker and Don Felder (The Eagles)
  • Producer
  • Logic Pro Engineer

Stephen Whitfield

  • Guitarist for Canaan Smith
  • Mandolin
  • Keys
  • BGVs's

Seth Bolte

  • Bassist for Grammy Award Winning Artist Jason Crabb
  • Logic Engineer

Rachele Lynae

  • Country Artist
  • Vocal Coach
  • Producer
  • Tim's Amazing Wife

Justin Wantz

  • Programming
  • Guitar
  • Keys

Corey Horn

  • Programming
  • Keys
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Logic Engineer
  • Logic Mixing Engineer


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